Hyundai Seasall


Need to re-power? Hyundai Seasall is the perfect choice for state of the art Performance Motors. Hyundai’s superior technology sets their motors ahead of all others.

Key features include:

  • Superb fuel efficiency
  • Power and endurance with Hyundai’s third generation common rail systems
  • Compact, quiet and light weight
  • Compacted graphite iron (CGI) cylinder block
  • Electronic variable geometry turbocharger
  • Advanced engine control unit
  • Timeless reliability and quality assurance
  • Designed for the environment

As Vanuatu’s exclusive dealers for Hyundai Seasall Marine Engines, Port Vila Boatyard can assist you with your choice of engine to make sure it is correctly suited for the type and use of your vessel.

We work closely with Bodiam Engineering as well as ALLPOWER Marine for commissioning and back up service.

Come in to discuss what power options we have available to you.

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