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According to every cruising yacht we have spoken with “Yachting World Vanuatu is the South Pacific’s best little Seawall Marina”.

Yachting World offers stern to berths, moorings and a range of other services for vessels up to 70′ in the safe & beautiful inner harbour of Port Vila, Vanuatu. Step off the stern of your yacht at Vanuatu’s famous Waterfront Bar & Grill and right in the heart of Vanuatu’s capital, Port Vila. Port Vila is a hive of activity and fun and is rumored to have the best provisioning in the Pacific too!!

Yachting World Vanuatu, key amenities:

  • Excellent Seawall berths
  • Waterfront Bar & Grill
  • Swing moorings
  • Dingy dock
  • Fuel Dock (Diesel & Water)
  • On board Wifi or internet cafe at Yachting World’s – Connect Cafe
  • Showers & laundry service
  • Doctors/Dentists/Pharmacy (Novo Dental / Novo Medical & Healthwise Pharmacy)
  • Very close proximity to shops/market-house/banks/rental cars/hotels etc.
  • Port Vila Boatyard – Dockside Support / technical services
  • Seal Superyachts Vanuatu – Yacht world’s exclusive partner for all yacht and superyacht shore support and yacht agency services.
  • Other shore-side technical services are available through Yachting World’s and the Port Vila Boatyard’s proven network of reliable service providers.

Yachting World Vanuatu in close collaboration with Port Vila Boatyard and other partners brings the full spectrum of top end services and caring support for yachts cruising in Vanuatu. Special boatyard services & rates both in our yard and at the seawall marina are available to customers of Yachting World Vanuatu. Yachting World Vanuatu is the perfect location to base your yacht out of for a full winter of cruising in Vanuatu. Stay one week or stay for 6 months! We are sure that you will love Yachting World’s seawall marina, Port Vila, Vanuatu!!

Contact Yachting World Vanuatu:

Contact Port Vila Boatyard:

VHF Ch: 16

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Yachting World Vanuatu and the Port Vila Boatyard are members of the Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association (VYSA). Working together to improve services and collaboration within Vanuatu’s yachting industry stakeholders and partners.

Seawall Marina berthing Port Vila

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