Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club – VCYC – New home

The Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club has been without a base for the past few years. This is no longer the case! The owners of the Port Vila Boatyard have built a beach bar called the “Boatyard Bar” and have offered to share the space with the VCYC. The generous offer to share the facility has been embraced by 90 % of club members and +- 80 % of the 2014 committee. This exciting new development brings about a much needed tack in the direction the club was heading over the last several years. The VCYC has a place to call home and to entertain fellow yachtsmen and woman. Additionally the club has branched out and added youth and dingy sailing which has been handled up until now by the Vanuatu Sailing Association. The combination of a new yacht club base and a new youth sailing program for Ni-Vanuatu and expat kids is a much needed addition to VCYC activities. We are very proud to be associated with the Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club and the Vanuatu National Sailing Association. Port Vila Boatyard and it’s associated marine businesses fully endorse and supports these two groups.

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