Aqua Cote Prop

Port Vila Boatyard is Vanuatu’s dealer and expert applicator for Aqua Cote Prop.

Foul release coatings offer boat owners and marinas everywhere an eco-friendly alternative to antifoul solutions. They are cost-effective, improve performance, while making maintenance more manageable and cost-effective.

Foul release coatings use silicone and Fluropolymer technologies to create a super-smooth surface that marine life finds it difficult to attach to. This means any biofoul can literally be wiped or jet washed off.

Ensuring that you have clean running gear at all times is of paramount importance when it comes to vessel performance and fuel economy. This is what Aqua Cote Prop is designed for.

Call us today to schedule a haul out, bottom job and for the professional application of the best marine anti-fouling system for your running gear.

Aqua Cote Prop

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