Vanuatu’s top marine service providers

Vanuatu’s top marine service providers

“The prudent mariner does not rely on scanty information from an unreliable or questionable source”

So…If you are contemplating a cruise to Vanuatu and would like reliable local advice about what’s what in Vanuatu, technical support, superyacht support, marina berth’s and haul out facilities, simply contact any or all of the following well established and most respected marine businesses and/or government departments listed in the VYSA recommended directory below.

– Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club: VCYC (send us a message on Facebook)
– Vanuatu Customs:
– Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association: VYSA (send us a message on Facebook)
– Bodiam Engineering:
– Marine and Aerospace Survival Vanuatu:
– Vila Marine (Mercury Vanuatu):
– Southern Cross Creations:
– IIMS – Marine Surveyors Vanuatu:
– Yacht Charters Vanuatu:
– Yachting World Vanuatu: + 678 23273
– Applied refrigeration:
– Oceantec:
– RS Sailing Vanuatu:
– Port Vila Boatyard:
– Seal Superyachts Vanuatu:

Also see: Vanuatu Tourism Departments official guide book “Destination Vanuatu” for Vanuatu Yachting’s featured marine businesses. Destination Vanuatu is available online and also in print from in several key yachting locations around the Pacific.

According to ALL the yacht & superyacht owners and crew that we have spoken to: “Vanuatu is the highlight of the South Pacific”. So cast off your lines wherever you may be and come to experience our beautiful pristine islands and people!


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