Approved Contractor

Approved Contractor

Approved Contractor

What is an approved contractor? Well, approved contractors are businesses or individuals that are permitted to work in a boatyard or marina facility.


Approved contractors are are fully legal to carry out work in Vanuatu and carry all the required paperwork to do so including liability insurance to protect the consumer, (our customer).

We endeavor to screen all businesses and or individuals that have access to our facility to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements and we try to only allow people that have a sound track record of good service and who have a good working relationship with us. This screening and selective process is to protect our own business and our customers interests. It’s our duty of care.

Safety of our staff and property and customers property is on of our primary considerations and we will continue to screen any contractors regardless of how difficult this sometimes is when we end up with disgruntled individuals that then attack and try to harm our business as a result of our policy around this matter.

We very occasionally have problems with individuals that try to demand or bully us for access to our facility but who do not meet the above requirements. We consider those to be Unregistered or unapproved Contractors.

Unregistered contractors are a threat to both consumers, legitimate contractors and our own labour force. Unregistered contractors carry no bond or insurance to protect consumers. Consumers can face serious issues if anything goes wrong on a job.

Because unregistered contractors skip the expense of protecting the consumer, they have an unfair advantage over legal contractors in competition for jobs.

Any business or individual contractor wishing to be added as an approved contractor at the Port Vila Boatyard can do so by submitting their business paperwork and insurance to our office (required each year) and scheduling an appointment to meet with Justin to discuss the details.

Alternatively send your information to:

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